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0561010A simple adaptor Black
0561110A simple adaptor White
0562010-16A simple adaptor Black
0562110-16A simple adaptor White
0563010A 2P+E Double adaptor black
0563110A 2P+E Double adaptor white
0564016A 2P+E Double adaptor black
0564116A 2P+E Double adaptor white
0565010A 2P+E Triple adaptor black
0565110A 2P+E Triple adaptor white
0566016A 2P+E Triple adaptor black
0566116A 2P+E Triple adaptor white
0569116A 2P+E adaptor w. 2 USB, White
0569210A 2P+E adaptor w. P17/11+P40 White
0573110A 2P+E Triple adaptor w.schuko white
0575010A 2P+E Triple adaptor w.schuko black
0575110A 2P+E Triple adaptor w.schuko white
0576016A 2P+E Triple adaptor w.schuko black
0576116A 2P+E Triple adaptor w.schuko white
057702P+E adaptor, Schuko plug,16A ita.sock.
057712P+E adaptor, Schuko plug,16A ita.sock.
0581010A 2P+E Schuko adaptor Black
0581110A 2P+E Schuko adaptor White
0582016A 2P+E Schuko adaptor Black
0582116A 2P+E Schuko adaptor White
0585110A 2P+E Schuko adaptor White
0586116A 2P+E Schuko adaptor White
0587010A 2P+E Schuko adaptor Black
0587110A 2P+E Schuko adaptor White
0588016A 2P+E Schuko adaptor Black
0588116A 2P+E Schuko adaptor White
0592116A 2P+E Triple staggered adaptor white
0596116A 2P+E Italian triple adaptor white
0597116A 2P+E Italian triple adapt. 16A white
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