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M03452Wall Mounted enclosure 2M. 130x45x85
M03454Wall Mounted enclosure 4M. 130x90x85
M03604Enclosure 4Mod.150x160x107 with Traspar.
M03608Enclosure 8 Mod.200x180x107 with Trasp
M03612Enclosure 12 Mod.280x220x106 with Tras
M03624Enclosure 24Mod.280x300x106 with Traspar
M03636Enclosure 36Mod.460x305x112with Traspare
M03804Enclosure 4Mod.195x120x100 with Opaque
M03808Enclosure 8/10Mod.195x238x100 with Opaqu
M03812Enclosure 12/14Mod.195x284x100 with Opaq
M03824Enclosure 24Mod.351x305x112 with Opaq
M03836Enclosure 36Mod.460x305x112with Opaq
M03908-TEnclosure 217x235x105 with Trasparent
M03912Enclosure 217x307x105 with Opaque
M04904-TEnclosure 145x200x105 w.Trasparent door
M04908-TEnclosure 215x200x105 w. Trasparent door
M04912-TEnclosure 290x240x105 w. Trasparent door
M04924-TEnclosure 300x400x140 w. Trasparent door
M04936-TEnclosure 431x399x143 w. Trasparent door
M09018Enclosure 289x432x160 with Trasprent
M09036Enclosure 464x432x160 with Trasprent
M09054Enclosure 639x432x160 with Trasprent
M09072Enclosure 879x432x160 with Trasprent
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