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UNA Automation is now also Z-WAVE

25 Aug 2020


Master presents an important extension of the UNA Automation home automation system, which offers new possibilities to create intelligent systems in a simple and previously unthinkable way.

Thanks to the entry of Master in the Z-Wave Alliance and the development of a series of dedicated boards, the UNA Automation system is able to offer all its management and control functions even with wireless boards, which do not require connection with the traditional wired bus.

The range of new devices consists of the Zoe Power board (2 inputs and 2 4A outputs for managing lights and automations, with instantaneous load measurement), Zoe Shutter ( for the up / down management of a rolling shutter, awning or sunshade) and Zula (management of a dimmed LED / CFL light, with load measurement). All the cards communicate with each other and with the wireless hub, through the Z-Wave protocol, and each acts as a signal repeater.

The hub function is performed by the central plant Vesta , equipped with the Z-Clavis device. In existing UNA Automation systems it is only necessary to add the USB Z-Clavis accessory and the software update to be able to integrate the new Z-Wave boards.

The perfect integration of the new boards with the UNA Automation system makes it possible to exploit its many advantages according to the situation.

It is possible to create a new system by providing only the use of the Z-Wave cards and the Vesta control unit, which offers all the management and control functions, local and remote, as well as the integration of the Google Assistant and Amazon voice assistants Alexa .

Z-Wave boards can be used in renovations to transform a traditional electrical system into an intelligent system. Thanks to their small size, they can be positioned on the bottom of round or rectangular flush-mounted boxes, reusing pre-existing switches, diverters and buttons to continue to control the lights or shutters of the house, without changing the civil series.

Furthermore, in the existing UNA Automation systems, the Z-Wave wireless cards can support the traditional cards with communication via bus, increasing the number of controlled devices without the need to implement the wiring, and continuing to manage the system from a single interface. control, such as the Tosca touch screen or the UNA Mobile app on your smartphone.

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