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New products

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New flush mounting modular box

19 Feb 2010


Master introduces the new 00417 12 modules flush mounting modular box. The box is designed to support the installation of 38012 Modo/Mix support (12 modules), now complete with 12 modules Mix plates (21MX__12) in different color finishes.

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New Modo and Mix universal sockets

23 Nov 2009


Is to be completed by the end of 2009 the transition to the new 16A universal Shuko sockets (P11/P17/P30) for Modo, Steel and Mix series. The new sockets are characterized by horizontal connection of the plug and numerous internal technical improvements, and shall replace the previously adopted universal Shuko sockets with the slant connection of the plug.

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Domologica: The new era of home automation

16 Oct 2009


A new era opens in the world of home automation: the UNA domologic system born, where the house thinking of what you think.

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Creating a good atmosphere!

07 Jan 2009


A new era for the temperature control with the Master civil Series.

The catalog has been enhanced with two new items of prestige. M400 is the electronic thermostat with manual adjustment, switching summer / winter and battery power. M420 is an electronic timer programming weekly.

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