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New products

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Shaver socket outlet

17 Jun 2011


Master introduces the new 3 modules shaver socket outlet. The new socket outlet, with 230V AC power supply, is equipped with double output to 127 V AC and 230V AC, and is designed to meet the needs of more advanced hotel and tourist buildings.

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Domologic evolution

22 Sep 2010


The continuing evolution of the UNA system is presented in the new Domologica catalog, distributed from October 2010. Among the changes made are: domologic buttons, the new features of temperature control with Therma and 1 module thermostats, the new glass frames for Tosca and Modo, Steel and Mix series, the new Mini Eva board and the useful Eva Simulator.

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New MIX double switches

02 Mar 2010


Master presents a new set of Mix devices, to optimize space and increase functionality. The new products placed two commands on a traditional MIX module, each the size of half module.

The reference articles are three: a version with two 1P switches (21010), a version with a couple of 2-way switches (21013) and a version with a 1P switch and a 2-way switch (21011).

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